Leadership Staff

Leadership Staff Application

If you are interested in a leadership position at camp, you will be asked to fill out a second application, and you may be asked to come in for an interview, depending on the position(s) you are interested in. Below you will find a list of the leadership positions included on this application, and a brief description of the position.

*Please note: If you are a returning staff member, the leadership roles look different this summer. Please make sure you read the descriptions of the roles carefully so you understand what you are applying for. Feel free to reach out to Ashleigh at aowens@elmbrook.org if you have any questions.



All coordinators are a liaison between activity groups and help with communication to Activity groups from the office, Director or other groups. General expectations and responsibilities for all Coordinators include: helping the office with early pick-ups / late drop-offs, helping with communication during large group amp times, step into camper discipline when needed, being able to step into groups who need support, leading a small group, taking kids to the bathroom, hanging out with activity groups)

Each Coordinator will also have a specific role that they will be point person of. These positions are:

Activity Group Coordinator: Helps groups plan for activities, assists key leaders with any activity related needs throughout the day, extra support for discipline, available to be present with any groups who need more hands throughout the day.

Large Group Coordinator: Plan worship sets, coordinate worship team and practices, large group teaching, plan and execute large group game, manage and budget snow cone points (Game Master).

Logistics Coordinator: In charge of managing logistics of camp, including camp supplies and various other day-to-day needs.

Set-Up Coordinator: Oversee set-up and clean-up related needs of Camp Vertical, making sure that spaces are clean and organized and helping activity groups with set up needs they have.

Volunteer Coordinator: Help with volunteer leadership and development, including running volunteer meetings and devotionals. Present throughout the day to assist with any volunteer related needs or discipline, as well as strong presence with Volunteers throughout the day.


Other Support Staff Positions

Camp Medic (& Office Staff): Present throughout the day for any medical needs (emergency or non-emergent). Manages and distributes all medication to campers or volunteers throughout the day. When medical support is not needed, the Medic will help with any office or administrative tasks.

Special Needs Coordinator: Provide assistance with campers who have identified special needs, establishing and holding them up to clear boundaries.

Technology and Production Specialist: Oversee and manage technology and production during the day, including managing sound, lights, slides, and other needs in large group spaces, or helping with any related needs for individual groups throughout the day.

Office Staff: Working in the Camp Office throughout the summer as support to Camp Vertical by fulfilling office and administrative needs, especially in regard to communication. This is a part-time Job.

Camp Shopper: responsible for purchasing all supplies needed for Camp Vertical and delivering them to the supply room promptly. The Camp Shopper will work closely with the Logistics Coordinator to understand supply needs and efficiently buy supplies.