Lake Country- Camp Vertical

Lake Country Camp Vertical is a high-energy, fast paced, fun environment for kids seven-years-old through 6th grade in the fall and is located at Elmbrook Church Lake Country campus.

Each day hundreds of children will be out in the sun having a blast. We are a faith based all-day program, held weekdays from 9 am to 3:30 pm (with optional afternoon extended care). Kids have the opportunity to choose a different activity each week of the summer, while daily participating in all-camp games as well as large group worship and bible teaching. 

Activity Groups


              Week 4         July 11-15

              Week 5         July 18-22

              NO CAMP     July 25-29

              Week 7         Aug 1-5

              Week 8         Aug 8-12

Camp 2022 Weeks-
     Lake Country Campus

Trying to Decide?

You can print an activity options worksheet for your camper to help them plan out their summer!  Don't forget to plan an alternate activity in case your first choice fills quickly.

Your camper will be able to choose one activity group per week to participate in during Camp Vertical! We have lots of fun planned in all of our groups – you won’t be disappointed! Sign up quickly as space is limited in all of our activity groups. 

(Please Note: the activities below only indicate the weeks each activity is offered. It does not show which weeks are still available. You are able to view open activity groups by logging into your account.) 

Why doesn’t Camp Vertical have a friend request option?

When a child signs up for Camp Vertical, they also choose a specific activity group to engage in for the week. When kids are split into groups, they will be split by activity group.  To ensure that friends will be together, they should be signed up for the same activity group.  


What does a typical day at Camp Vertical look like?

Each morning campers are greeted by our Camp Vertical staff at check-in and then head into large group time where our puppets will draw them into the theme of the day and they will get to compete in all camp games! Afterwards, your camper will participate in their selected activity group for the rest of the morning. Lunch is held at noon in our outdoor locations (indoors if it is raining). When lunch is finished, we all gather in the amphitheater for worship and teaching. Then campers will spend time in small group discussion with their leaders and head back to their selected activity group for the rest of the day. Campers, for the most part, will travel between events with their activity group leaders for the entire week.


Week 4 

Week 5

Week 7

Week 8

  • Paints & More

  • Pumped Up PE

  • Extreme

  • Crafts and Cooking

  • Outside the Lines

  • Soccer

  • Once Upon a Time

  • Wild Wilderness

Crafts and Cooking

This camp is filled with good eats and fun projects. Under the watchful eye of our staff, the campers will create many culinary masterpieces. Those with good taste should sign up for this adventure. 

Outside the Lines

No need to keep the color inside the lines with this crafty camp! Finger painting is just the beginning of the active and imaginative activities found here. Kids will have a chance to use their creativity to play colorful games, as well as their energy to run around and get messy. All while learning how to make something beautiful! Join us for a week filled with plenty of games and projects that are Big, Fun and Messy and learn that anyone can put their craftsmanship to the test. 


Extreme is for those kids who like the adventurous side of Camp Vertical. This week often includes relay-palooza, team building, and a visit by the Rock Wall for some rock climbing. (Don't worry Mom, it’s safe!) Bring your A-game and be prepared for an extreme adventure.

Once Upon a Time

Do you love reading and writing? Creating imaginary worlds and stories? Join us for a week of creative adventure as we dive into faraway lands only found in the world of books. Campers will learn the art of writing poetry, biographies, fictional stories and creating worlds of their own; while also learning how to create their own book nook and enjoy Random Reading Spot Time. So grab a good story, put on your creative writing hat, and get ready to experience the joy of storytelling.

Paints & More 

Budding Artists come in all shapes and sizes. Paints and More is designed so that each child, whether a beginner or the next Picasso, will have fun using watercolors, clay, chalk, wood and more. Get your creative juices flowing, and join us for this "masterpiece" of a week. 


This is a special week of kicking and running for all soccer fans. We also try to play as much soccer as we can and still have time for some basic drills. As with all of our sport camps, the emphasis is on play and sportsmanship.

Pumped Up PE

Raise your hand if Gym is your favorite subject!?! If you love Gym at school, then Pumped up PE is the activity for you. Each day we are going to play the best of the best games from your gym classes. Dodgeball, Around the World, Pac-Man, Kick Ball and even Hungry Hungry Hippos are all going to come to life in the Elmbrook Gym. So if you are always longing for gym class, Pumped up PE is ready to satisfy.

Wild Wilderness

Journey with us as we learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to track animals, pitch a tent, build a fort and much, much more. Kids in this camp will spend the week in the incredible nature surrounding Elmbrook Lake Country. They will discover that it truly is a WILD wilderness out there!