Lake Country- Camp Vertical

Lake Country Camp Vertical is a high-energy, fast paced, fun environment for kids seven-years-old through 6th grade in the fall and is located at Elmbrook Church Lake Country campus.

Each day hundreds of children will be out in the sun having a blast. We are a faith based all-day program, held weekdays from 8 am to 4:00 pm (with check-out running to 4:30pm). Kids have the opportunity to choose a different activity each week of the summer, while daily participating in all-camp games as well as large group worship and bible teaching. 

The Udderly Outrageous Adventures of Patty the Cow

Dear Sam the Ham,

Greetings from Wisconsin, home of America’s best dairy farms and the happiest cows (even happier than California, and I would know... because I’m a cow.) I’ve somehow meandered into a small town where I met Arby McDonald (you know, Old McDonald’s cousin). Arby has been retired for years and enjoys cross-stitch and woodworking. I’ve decided he needs a new lease on life, so I am introducing him to some of the finest joys Wisconsin has to offer! While cheese-tasting across the state, we have come across a HUGE problem. There is a serious cheese shortage in Wisconsinville! As a cow, I cannot stand for this outrageous affront. I need your help! Please come soon and help me convince Arby that there is nothing quite like freshly cut cheese.


Sniff you soon,



Activity Groups


              Week 4         July 12-16

              Week 5         July 19-23

              Week 6         BK Only

              Week 7         Aug 2-6

              Week 8         Aug 9-13

Camp 2021 Weeks-
     Lake Country Campus

Trying to Decide?

You can print an activity options worksheet for your camper to help them plan out their summer!  Don't forget to plan an alternate activity in case your first choice fills quickly.

Your camper will be able to choose one activity group per week to participate in during Camp Vertical! We have lots of fun planned in all of our groups – you won’t be disappointed! Sign up quickly as space is limited in all of our activity groups. 

(Please Note: the activities below only indicate the weeks each activity is offered. It does not show which weeks are still available. You are able to view open activity groups by logging into your account.) 

Why doesn’t Camp Vertical have a friend request option?

When a child signs up for Camp Vertical, they are also choosing an activity group to be a part of.  When kids are split into groups, they will be split by activity group.  To ensure that friends will be together, they should be signed up for the same activity group.  


What does a typical day at Camp Vertical look like?

Each morning the kids will compete in all camp games for points. After the game is finished kids are dismissed to their activity groups for the rest of the morning. At noon kids go to outdoor lunch locations. (On a rain day we move lunch inside). After lunch kids are brought inside for worship, puppets, and large group teaching. Next, kids break up into small groups to talk about the large group time. After small group the children spend the rest of the afternoon in their activity groups. Around 3:45 we gather all of the kids together to share cheers about their day. 


Week 4 

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

  • Paints & More

  • Pumped Up PE

  • Extreme

  • Passion for Fashion

  • Only offered at Brookfield Location

  • Break A Leg

  • Soccer

Week 8

  • Pumped up PE

  • Wild Wilderness


Adventure is one of our most popular camps. Come prepared to have a different and exciting adventure every day. In Adventure we spend most of our time outside so if you just can't get enough of that Wisconsin summer sun join us for some fun & sun!

Break A Leg​

“Don’t worry Mom, it’s just a saying!” Drama kids unite! This camp is for all aspiring actors & comedians. In Break A Leg, we won’t actually break anything, but we will create scripts, play hilarious improv games and have opportunities to perform throughout the week. So if you thrive in the spotlight this camp is a perfect fit for you!


Extreme is for those kids who like the adventurous side of Camp Vertical. This week often includes relay-palooza, team building, and a visit by the Rock Wall for some rock climbing. (Don't worry Mom, it’s safe!) Bring your A-game and be prepared for an extreme adventure.

Passion for Fashion

Do you have an eye for design? Or better yet… a passion for fashion? This camp is all about designing clothing of all kinds. From sketching out new trends to creating your own outfit (out of a variety of materials), this camp is all about fashion and creativity!

Rockets & Roller Coasters


This week is filled with the high-flying adventure of model rocketry and loop-de-loop roller coasters. Each child will build and launch a rocket and create a marble roller coaster with enough drops and turns to make you dizzy.  A great week for everyone! 

Paints & More 

Budding Artists come in all shapes and sizes. Paints and More is designed so that each child, whether a beginner or the next Picasso, will have fun using watercolors, clay, chalk, wood and more. Get your creative juices flowing, and join us for this "masterpiece" of a week. 

Pumped Up PE

Raise your hand if Gym is your favorite subject!?! If you love Gym at school, then Pumped up PE is the activity for you. Each day we are going to play the best of the best games from your gym classes. Dodgeball, Around the World, Pac-Man, Kick Ball and even Hungry Hungry Hippos are all going to come to life in the Elmbrook Gym. So if you are always longing for gym class, Pumped up PE is ready to satisfy.


This is a special week of kicking and running for all soccer fans. We also try to play as much soccer as we can and still have time for some basic drills. As with all of our sport camps, the emphasis is on play and sportsmanship.

Turn the Page

Do you love to read? Then Turn the Page is your kind of camp. Get ready for a week full of fun and adventure as kids dive into the wonderful world of books. Besides reading, campers will learn the fine art of creating a book nook, will be able to write and illustrate their own story, and enjoy the ever popular Random Reading Spot time. So find a comfy seat, grab a good story and get ready for the adventures that can only be found in books.

Wild Wilderness

Journey with us as we learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to track animals, pitch a tent, build a fort and much, much more. Kids in this camp will spend the week in the incredible nature surrounding Elmbrook Lake Country. They will discover that it truly is a WILD wilderness out there!