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Payments & Wait List

Camp Fees & Payments

Camp fees are $129 per week for both Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical!

Your camper will be able to choose one activity group per week to participate in during camp! You can sign up for just one or two weeks of camp, or even the whole summer!  Camp fees are $129 per week for both Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical.  A $25 deposit is due for each week of camp at the time of registration, payable by credit card. Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other camp weeks


Once your deposit is made, the balance of your registration fees will be automatically charged to your credit card on file 2 weeks prior to the start of each camp week.  This spreads out your payments over the course of the summer.  You can choose to pay in full at the time of registration.  Credit card payments are preferred and can be made in advance of due dates by logging into your account. 


Any additional fees for extended care or lunch that have been added to your account will be automatically charged to your card on file the Saturday following each camp week with a second auto payment.


Payment Schedule for Camp 2019


You can also mail a check to Elmbrook Church prior to the due dates (otherwise your card will automatically be charged):

           Elmbrook Church

           Attn: Camp Vertical/Zoom

           777 S. Barker Rd.

           Brookfield, WI 53045

Please make your check out to Elmbrook Church with Camp Vertical/Zoom written in the memo line.

Scholarships & Payment Plans

At Camp Vertical & Camp Zoom we don’t want cost to keep kids from experiencing camp.  Financial assistance is available.  The first step to receiving a scholarship is to fill out an application.  Then register for camp when registration opens prior to hearing from us regarding a scholarship to secure your spot in camp.  Scholarships will be decided once families have registered and paid the $25 deposit per week of camp.  We expect the first round of scholarships to be decided by March 15th to help families plan. The agreed upon terms will then dictate how fees are taken care of in those individual situations. 

To receive a scholarship application please email us at


We now have rolling due dates for payment of camp fees for all campers, as stated above.  This effectively spreads out your payments over the course of the summer, and therefore removes the need for individual payment plans.  Please plan accordingly!


Wait List

If the activity group that your child wants is full, you can choose to put them on a wait list.  Below is some helpful information about how our wait list works for both Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical.  It is highly recommended that you choose an alternate activity first, and then go back and add your child to the wait list after that to ensure you have a spot in camp.

Our wait list is automatic.  Because of this you will not be contacted before your child is moved.  If you sign up for a wait list spot it is assumed that it is your camper’s preference.  When you are at the top of the wait list and a spot opens up, your child will be automatically moved and charged the registration fee.  You will get an update email once your child has been moved to let you know of the change. 


We don't have the capacity to add spots to enlarge our camp... so you would be waiting for someone else to cancel in order to receive a spot.  Cancellations happen all the way up until a few days before the camp week begins and wait list moves can happen at any time.  Although we are typically able to move the first few kids off each wait list into camp, many children do not receive a spot from our wait list.

If you have both a first and second wait list option chosen for a given week and you receive your first choice, you will need to request that your child be taken off the other wait list option manually in order to avoid getting moved another spot in the future.  If you decide you no longer want your child on the wait list please contact us right away to make sure a change is not made to your child's registration.


Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellations & Changing Your Registration
A $25 deposit is due for each week of camp at the time of registration, payable by credit card. Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable to other camp weeks

To cancel a week of camp or change your registration, email the Camp Office and we will take care of it for you on our end.  You are unable to change your registration from your online parent account. 


To switch weeks of camp please email the Camp Office.  Do not request a cancellation, as there is no fee for changing weeks.  Our registrar will take care of a switch on our end if there is space available in the week you are requesting.  


To switch activity groups within the same week of camp, please email the Camp Office and we will help you if there is space available in the activity you are inquiring about.



All refunds will be paid less the deposit that has been made to your account.

  • Refunds will be issued if the following criteria are met:

    • The cancellation is requested by the Thursday prior to the week of camp you are cancelling.

    • Sickness:  If a child is ill the week they are to attend camp, a transfer of registration can be made without penalty as long as there is space available to complete the transfer. If there is not space, a full refund minus your deposit will be processed.


  • Refunds will not be issued for the following reasons:

    • Cancellation was requested after the Thursday prior to the week camp.

    • Parent choice: A day of rest, family trip, sports events, etc.

    • Discipline: A day requested by the Camp Director so that behavior problems may be dealt with. Physical violence will result in a child going home and after discussion with a parent may result in the child being asked to take one or more days off from camp.


When a refund is granted your funds will be returned to you within two-weeks of the cancellation in the same manner in which it was paid.  

Registration for Serve Teens ($15 per week of camp) will be fully refunded upon cancellation.  

Extended Care

Extended Care

Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical have a program to accommodate families who need an early start to their day as well as late pick-up, and provides leaders to watch your children for an additional fee.  To remain flexible for our families, there is no preregistration for extended care.  All extended care sessions will be billed to your account and will be automatically charged to your card on file at the end of each week of camp. 

Extended Care Times & Fees
The fee for extended care is $10 per session, or $20 daily if you use both morning and afternoon extended care. 

Morning Session:        $10        7:30 AM - 9:00 AM for both Zoom & Vertical

Afternoon Session:     $10        3:30 PM - 5:30 PM for both Zoom & Vertical

*For times for the rest of the camp day please see Drop Off & Pick Up tab below.

Extended Care Check-In & Pick-Up Procedures
Please use the north gym doors for extended care.  The south gym doors will be locked due to new check-in flow!

All check-in and pick-up will be facilitated in the Gym Lobby of Elmbrook Church. Your child is officially checked in or checked out when a staff member scans their wristband.  All children must be physically checked-in by a responsible adult.


Definition of “responsible adult”: A person that is 16 years old or older and in charge of the well-being of the child at that time.  No child is to be dropped off from a vehicle and asked to enter extended care unattended by an adult.


Serve Teens & Siblings at Extended Care

If you have a teenager who is joining our Serve Teens team, we realize that they have to arrive early for the daily morning meeting at 8:30 am.  Volunteers are always welcome at extended care for free... they get to continue to serve by helping kids!  Any younger sibling who is attending as a camper can come to morning extended care for free any time after 8:10 am as you drop off your volunteer for the 8:30 meeting.  Please be sure to tell our staff at the check-in tables each day that you are with a volunteer so you won't be charged.  If you are dropping off prior to 8:10 am, your camper will be charged for extended care. 

There is no waiver for siblings of Serve Teens for afternoon extended care.



Well fed kids are happy kids!  Your child is welcome to bring a bag lunch from home, or they can purchase a hot or cold lunch option from camp.  Elmbrook Summer Camps partner with an onsite organization called Feed My Sheep to provide cost effective and convenient lunches for your kids. Feed My Sheep is responsible for the setting of the menu and providing the lunches.  Lunches are nonrefundable so please choose carefully!  If you are unsure of your summer schedule you can always purchase lunches the day of camp before 10 AM.

As always, Thursday is FREE HOT DOG DAY!!  You are welcome to send a bag lunch on Thursdays if your child does not eat hot dogs (no lunch will be available for purchase on Thursdays).  


Lunches from Home

Your child is welcome to bring a bag lunch from home.  There is no refrigeration available for lunches brought from home so please include ice packs in your lunch box.  We do not require lunches brought from home to be nut-free.  If your child is highly allergic to peanuts please include it in the medical section of your registration form and talk to the Camp Director.

Print the Camp Lunch Menu as a PDF here: 

Medical Information


We have a Camp Medic onsite to help care for all needs of our campers including medications.  Parents need to inform the staff and supply all that is needed for their child’s doctor-prescribed medication needs. This includes instructions and an ample supply of medication. These tasks are entirely the responsibility of the parent and must be repeated at the beginning of each week the child attends camp. Any remaining medication is the responsibility of the parent to pick up each Friday. Parent will supply instructions and permission in written form for the staff to follow. Forms to be filled out can be obtained by visiting the Camp Medic at the tent during morning check-in.  Key leaders at Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical will work with the Camp Medic to ensure that consistent delivery of medication is a priority.

If you have not logged back in to your account after registration to complete your medical forms for the summer you must do this before your child's first day of camp! We must have this information to ensure your child's safety.


To access your medical forms:
•    Log in to your account
•    Under "My Account Dashboard" there will be a light orange bar that says "1 Medical Form needs to be completed. Click here to begin."
•    If you don't see your dashboard try clicking the "Account" button in the upper right corner of your screen.  


Our leaders are made known of any allergies your kids may have and are first aid trained.  We also have a Camp medic (as well as first responders) on site to deal with any issues that may arise.


Nut allergies: While our building isn’t nut free, activities that we do in camp activity groups (excluding lunch) do not contain nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts).

Illness & Injury

If your child gets sick at camp the Camp Medic will contact you at the numbers you have provided.

Any injuries that happen at camp will first be handled by the Camp Medic.  Minor bumps & bruises will be treated onsite.  For more serious injuries, including all head injuries, you will be contacted by the Camp Medic at the numbers you have provided.


If your child is sick and will be missing a day of camp, you do not need to notify us. For an illness that will force your child to miss multiple days of camp please contact the Camp Office.  

Heat Index

We have water stations available to campers at all times. We also carefully monitor the heat index.  If the heat index reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above all children will be brought indoors.


Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Extended Care Start Time                        7:30 AM                  Gym Lobby

Camp Zoom Regular Check-In               9:00 AM                   Tent- North green space

Camp Vertical Regular Check-In           9:00 AM                   Tent- North Parking Lot

Camp Zoom Pick-Up Time                       3:30 PM                  C100-B100 Classrooms

Camp Vertical Pick-Up Time                    3:30 PM                  Plaza by the pond

Extended Care End Time                          5:30 PM                  Gym Lobby  

Camp Check-In & Pick-Up Times
Click here for a map of Elmbrook Church Check-In and Pick-Up Locations! 
Morning Check-In

Your child's safety is our first priority!  When you arrive on Monday morning your child will be given a waterproof wristband to wear all week long.  This wristband will be scanned to check your child in and out of camp and ensures that only people on your approved pick-up list are checking out your child.  

  • Camp Vertical check-in takes place in the north parking lot at the tent in the coned off area at 9:00 am. 
  • Camp Zoom check-in takes place in the north lot at the tent on the green space at 9:00 am.

  • Please note ALL children need to be accompanied by a responsible adult to be checked-in.


*A “responsible adult” is a person that is 18 years old or older and in charge of the well-being of the child at that time.

*A volunteer who is 16 years of age and has a state-issued ID can check themselves out of camp with parent permission and prior notification to the Office Staff.  They may also check out a younger sibling if they are on the approved pickup list, with parent permission and prior notification to the Office Staff.

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • You can find your Camp Vertical child on the plaza near the pond at 3:30.  It might be helpful to establish a daily meeting spot with your child in this area to help you connect (a bench, tree, or tent corner). You must then check-out under the tent in the north lot or at the North lobby doors (for those entering to also pick up a Zoom child.)  All adults must present a photo ID and be listed on the child's approved pick-up list in order to check-out children from camp.  Please see below for early pick-up procedure.

  • Camp Zoom check-out takes place in the B100-C100 classrooms at 3;30.  You can park on the south side of the building and enter the South Main Entrance doors to pick up your Zoom child.  All adults must present a photo ID and be listed on the child's approved pick-up list in order to check-out children from camp.  Please see below for early pick-up procedure.



  • Each Friday Camp Vertical hosts a fun Parent Program in the Gym at 3:00 to give parents a snapshot of what we have done all week long!  Release time is still 3:30 and pickup is outside on the green space.

  • Camp Zoom Friday pick-up is outside on the green space at 3:30. Camp Zoom does not participate in the Parent Program except for the “Dance Camp” activity group.  A responsible adult must still pick up all Zoom children on the green space.  Campers are not allowed to go with Vertical siblings to find their parents.

RAIN DAY Check-In & Pick-Up

  • For rain days you will check your Vertical child in the North lower lobby and your Zoom child in the South lower lobby.  Your child must still be checked in by a responsible adult.

  • Rain day pick-up for Camp Vertical will occur in the gym. To ensure the safety of all children, there will be a 5-minute transition period at the end of check-out and the beginning of extended care where you will be unable to pick up your child.

  • Rain day pick-up for Camp Zoom  still takes place in the children's classrooms.  

Late Arrivals & Early Pick-Ups

We understand that families have different schedules and appointments to manage.  If you arrive late to camp, please stop at the Camp Office located in the Gym lobby to get checked-in.

To arrange for early pick-up, please fill out an early pick-up form when dropping off your child in the morning, or call or email the Camp Office.  Notifying us ahead of time will help us to have your child ready for you at the appointed time. Please come to the Camp Office for all early pick-ups and we will bring your child to you.  If you arrive for an early pick-up without prior arrangement, please allow for a 10-15 minute wait while we locate your child and their belongings.  Please note, we are unable to accommodate early pick-up for Camp Vertical & Camp Zoom after 3:10 pm.  Campers transition from small activity groups into a loud, high-energy large group gathering to wrap up at approximately 3:15 each day.  During this time, it is difficult to call campers to the office.  

Approved Pick-Up List

When you register your child for camp please be sure to include yourself on your child's approved pick-up list, as well as other family members. You can change/add approved pick-up names by filling out an approved pick-up card when dropping off your child in the morning. You can also make changes by emailing or calling the Camp Office.  No child will be allowed to leave with someone not approved by a parent or guardian.  All adults must present a photo ID and be listed on the child's approved pick-up list in order to check-out children from camp.   


What To Bring

What should my child wear to camp?

Kids should dress comfortably for the weather. Shoes with backs are strongly recommended because kids will be running around. Sometimes camp is messy, especially camps with arts & crafts/cooking themes.  Its a good idea to leave your best clothes at home and wear things that can get messy.


If additional clothing is needed for a dress-up day or water day, an e-mail will be sent home to you.

Kids are outside most days during check-in, lunch, and check-out.  We recommend that you apply sunscreen before your child arrives at camp.

What do I need to bring to camp?

For most activities there is no required equipment.  The Elmbrook campus is a big place and our lost & found grows very large every summer... so we tell our kids if you don't absolutely need it, leave it at home!  Water stations are available all day.  Please leave all technology safe at home.  We will ask campers and volunteers that phones remain tucked away if they absolutely have to bring it to camp.  If you need to contact your child during the camp day please call the Camp Office and we will help get information to them. 


Remember to provide a lunch from home each day if you are not ordering a lunch from us.  (Except for Thursday which is free hot dog day!)  There is no refrigeration available so please include ice packs in your lunch box. 


The following items are suggested to be brought from home for these activity groups:

  • Rip-N-It needs the following required equipment… skateboard or scooter, helmet, and knee pads.

  • Home Run:  It's a good idea to bring your own glove so there are enough to go around.

  • H2O (Vertical) & Water World (Zoom):  Bring a bathing suit and towel each day of camp.  Some days will be more wet than others!

  • Snapshots:  If you would rather use your own camera you can bring one from home.


For all other activity groups you will be notified via email of any additional items/equipment to bring to camp.

Behavior Guidelines

We desire for every camper & volunteer to have the very best experience here at camp!  In order to maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone, all campers & volunteers are expected to:
  • Listen to and follow directions from all staff.  
  • Follow safety guidelines.  Stay with your leaders at all times.  Ask permission to use the restroom/get a drink.  Do not run away from camp staff.
  • Respect themselves, others, and their environment.  Clean up after yourself.  No disrespectful or inappropriate language.  Respect camp property.  No teasing, fighting, or hitting.     
When a camper/volunteer shows behavior that steps outside of these guidelines they can expect the following:
  • Staff will first redirect behavior/remind camper of the rules.
  • For continued disruptive behavior supervised time away from the group activity may be appropriate as a cool-down period, and parent may be contacted for further conversation.
  • Referral to Camp Director. Campers will be sent home for physical violence or consistent behavior concerns, and may be asked by the Camp Director to take additional days off from camp.
If your camper or volunteer has special needs, emotional/behavioral disorder, or an IEP at school please include this information in your registration to let us know how we can best help your child have a successful summer with us.  Our Special Needs Coordinator may further connect with you so we can be helpful in continuing the school-year successes you have had throughout the summer!  
Camp Zoom Families:  Though we do provide quiet time following lunch at Camp Zoom (such as a short movie or stories), we do not provide a nap time for our youngest campers.  We also ask that all campers attending Camp Zoom be fully potty trained before registering for camp.  All campers must be age 4 to attend.


Serve Teens

Middle school and high school students, this year we are again putting together a team to serve alongside the Summer Staff to help kids have the safest, most engaging experience possible at Camp. If you are in grades 7-12, you’re invited to join us for up to 3 weeks with Camp Vertical and another 3 weeks with Camp Zoom for a total of 6 weeks with us at camp.

Payment Policy

Please note there is a registration fee of $15 per week of camp for all teens that are serving with us to cover registration costs.  If you need to cancel your registration this fee will be fully refunded. 


Please note that registering for your weeks of Camp is your confirmation that you are chosen for that week. Serve Teens will not be interviewed.

Before filling out the Serve Teen registration form…

Decide which weeks you want to volunteer at Camp (a maximum of 3 weeks at each camp)
Choose the activity groups during the week for Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical you want to volunteer in.
Be prepared to fill-out the medical/release portion of this online form (if you are under the age of 18, please have a parent complete the medical/release portion of the form).

Our annual mandatory Serve Teen training for Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical is on Sunday, June 9th from 12:30-2:00 in the Elmbrook Church Amphitheater.  Please put this date on your calendar.  At this meeting you will meet key staff and fellow volunteers, and learn the expectations for serving at camp.  Volunteers are essential in helping us build relationships with kids at camp, and we'll share with you some good ways to do this!

Serve Teens for both Zoom and Vertical should arrive at 8:30 AM each morning you are serving at camp.  The volunteer meeting prior to the start of the camp day is located in the Zoom large group room (B100s/preschool classroom area).  At this meeting you will receive instruction for the day, connect with staff, and grow through daily devotions. The camp day ends at 3:30 PM for Serve Teens.


Summer Staff

Our staff application for Camp 2020 will open January 1st.  

Thank you for your interest in being part of Camp Vertical and Camp Zoom staff. If you love kids and you are looking for a way to make an eternal difference, joining our staff would be a great fit for you! Full time summer staff is needed for a variety of summer programs for children this year. Staff members will have specific leadership responsibilities and will be expected to work approximately 40 hours per week over a 9-week period in the summer. Salary will be determined based on age, experience and responsibilities.


Please note: 

  • You must be 16 years old by 6/1/20 to apply for a paid staff position.  

  • You must be 15 years old by 6/1/20 to apply as an SLT (Student Leader in Training).  SLT's are unpaid staff positions. If you were born after 6/1/2005 you are not eligible to apply this year.  Please see above for volunteer opportunities for Camp 2019!

Important Dates/Timeline
  • Staff applications are due 2/28/20.

  • Interviews will be scheduled during the months of February & March.

  • Staff decisions will be made and you will be notified mid-April.

  • Steps of the hiring process take place in the months of April & May.

  • Mandatory Training Week for all summer staff is Saturday 6/6/20 through Saturday 6/13/20.  Training is held in the evenings during the week so there is no conflict for those still in school.

  • Camp runs for 8 weeks from 6/15/20 through 8/14/20.

  • There is NO camp the week of 7/6/20-7/10/20.

  • Mandatory Camp Cleanup Day is 8/15/20 and would be your last day of employment.

To Apply:

Staff Applications will open January 1st and will remain open until Feb. 28th.

  • Returning staff, please log in to your existing account. 

  • New staff, (those who have not submitted an application in past years) please get started by creating a NEW account with your own email address.  Please DO NOT use a family account to apply if you were previously a camper or volunteer.  Thanks!

  • Student Leaders in Training will submit a staff application and go through the same interview process as paid staff.

  • CLICK the APPLY button below prior to logging in to your account... this will bring you to the HR dashboard (otherwise, you won't see anything to apply for when you log in)